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✔ Interview: En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on Bringing TERA to the West

At GDC 2012, I interviewed En Masse Entertainment COO Patrick Wyatt on bringing TERA, a Korean MMORPG game, to the West (North America, Europe). Here are notable segments from our conversation: 1:02 respective roles of the developer (Bluehole Studio, BHS) and the publisher (EME) 2:08 specific changes being made to the game for the West. In terms of process, BHS owns making the game code changes, and EME facilitates this process by designing the changes to be implemented and synthesizing feedback from the community 6:27 how BHS is making different versions of the game for different locales 8:30 Patrick confirms that the core combat mechanics remain unchanged for the West 9:24 the hitbox implementation. Range/reach across hitbox sizes has been normalized, so a Baraka and Popori have the same reach for attacks. Character size does influence easy it is to be hit or healed 10:56 decision to go with Frogster as the publisher for EU TERA 11:42 establishing EME as a premier game publisher, in terms of their relationship with game developers and the community 17:02 EME’s analytics capabilities to understand what players are doing Let me know your questions and feedback! For more discussion about this video, please check out the following threads: – on my blog:

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