Red sky and lake

Red sky and lake

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Across the Vast, Eternal Sky – Salt Lake Vocal Artists

The Salt Lake Vocal Artists perform the premiere of “Across the Vast, Eternal Sky” by Ola Gjeilo live in concert on July 26, 2011 in Libby Gardner concert hall, under the direction of Dr. Brady Allred. This was the Vocal Artists Bon Voyage concert prior to their Argentine tour and performance at the 9th International World Choral Symposium. “Across the Vast, Eternal Sky” was comissioned by and dedicated to the Salt Lake Vocal Artists and Brady Allred. Piano: Laurel Enke Across the Vast, Eternal Sky Weary I fly, Across the vast eternal sky, High in the heavens, Where awaits my destiny. Grey skies are thick’ning; Soon now my time will come, Time to return home ‘Cross the vast eternal sky. When I was young I flew in the velvet night; Shining by day, a firebird bathed in light! Grey now my feathers, which once were red and gold; My destiny to soar up to the Sunlight! Sunlight shines on my face; This is my grace, to be Restored, born again, In flame! Do not despair that I am gone away; I will appear again When the sunset paints Flames across the vast eternal sky. Poetry by Charles Anthony Silvestri

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